Candy Crush Cheats

Candy Crush Saga is an addicting match 3 game that is taking Facebook and smartphones by storm. If you have been playing this game, you would know how exciting and at the same time challenging it could be that you might be considering using some Candy Crush cheats. For those who have not played the game before, get ready to be hooked. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having a hard time putting down your smartphone because of it.

Basic Gameplay

Before discussing about the tips, let’s talk about the basics of the game first for the sake of those that are just starting to play it. Candy Crush is a free app that you can download and install on your smartphone. This is also available as a Facebook application. There are various levels to complete on the game. Each level has a specific goal that you need to achieve in order to move on to the next level. There are levels that give you limited time to complete the puzzle. You need to reach the score required in order to clear the level.

Candy Crush Cheats

There are also levels that are not timed but they only give you limited number of moves to complete the level. If you failed to complete a level, you can still repeat the game. One life will be removed from you for each retry. You are given 5 lives by default. If you used a life, it will be restored after half an hour. If you used all of your lives, you need to wait for another life to be restored before you can start playing again. You may also purchase more lives or ask your friends to gift you additional lives.

Match at least 3 similar candies and they will explode from the board. However, it is best to match four or more candies as this will not only give you higher score but it will also give you special candies that can help you in completing the level. Some of the special candies that can be created are vertically or horizontally striped candies that can clear the line where they are in. These candies can be created by matching four candies horizontally or vertically. There are also boosters that are unlocked as the game progresses. Once unlocked, you have the option to purchase them using real cash. Some of these boosters are the lollipop booster that can smash blocks of candies and jellyfish that can be used to remove jellies on the board.

Cheats for Candy Crush

There are different cheat tools available on the web, which you can download to make the game easier. Some of them give additional moves, give you a specific score or move you to a certain level even if you have not completed the previous ones. There are also hacking tools that give additional lives and lollipops without spending anything. There are many websites who provide those cheats, however, please be aware that these sites are not associated with the official game itself.

Cheats for Candy Crush

You are downloading at your own risk so be careful when doing so. Only download from trusted sources. If you know of other players who have tried downloading a specific cheat engine and didn’t experience any problems, then you may try it as well. But overall, you need to be cautious with any downloads you make as these programs or links may contain virus or other malicious software that could harm your computer.

Tips for Playing the Game

If you do not wish to use cheats, there are tips and tricks that you can use to complete the levels in the game. The timed levels could be quite difficult at times since you are under time pressure to make your moves. One trick to pause the time so you can think of your next action properly is to tap on the quit button. You will get a message that you hit the quit button and the options to return to the game or end it. Once ready, you can hit the option to go back to the game. While matching three candies can earn you points, it’s best to go for more than three matches for combos and special candies. Be on the lookout for the jellies that are on the corners of the board, you might not notice that they were not yet removed and you’re already running out of turns.

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  1. Hi; I have candy crush saga on my phone and on facebook, Muy problem seems to be level 147 at the present time. I have been o this level for over 4 weeks now and at one time I thought I had passed the level and it didn’t let me pass. Can’t seem to get off of this level. I need help.


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