Candy Crush Mystery Quest

Games are meant to be played, and people should have good reason to play them. Of course, there’s a lot of ways to do this and usually it involves enhancing all some parts of the game so that they are more appealing to a bigger crowd. Of course, other titles choose to tell stories that expand and branch out over time, becoming vast worlds on their own. Whatever the reason or feature, videogames always need that one hook and then some to be entertaining. This is why Candy Crush mystery quest is such a fun feature within the little casual title. It adds on to the gameplay, and increases the life span of the title but at the same those that enjoy the achievement hunt will find even more to do in the game. It’s all in the name of fun, and since they are quests of mystery, here’s a little help finding the mode.

Why can’t I find Mystery Quest on the App?

Okay, so if you can’t find the additional quests on the app, that’s only because they aren’t there. Since the game started as a Facebook title, you should expect that a lot of their special features are only found in the main game. The expanded quests can only be found on Facebook, and as of late, some users have been able to see it on their mobiles as well. They only pop-up when you’re out of tickets to spend, and usually they show you the button since being hidden made it harder for users to play the quests. Of course, that was the charm of the initial release because it felt like an Easter egg waiting to be found. It added to flavor to the game, and that’s just another important part of the gaming experience.

Candy Crush Mystery Quest

Once you’re out of all the tickets you’d need, but you don’t want to bother your friends so much, you can instead play these quest for a single ticket each. The limitation is that you can only take one quest every 24 hours and they are extremely difficult in comparison to other quests. However, tickets are very expensive and hard to come by, so these quest have to be hard in order to be worth it.

What are the other methods to get tickets?

Tickets aren’t exclusively hidden behind costs or mystery quests, and in fact, there are still two different methods by which you can grab these valuable treats. The first is sending out requests, but before you disregard this feature altogether, remember that this is a good game. So instead of spamming everyone you know, try sending out these invites to friends that like these kinds of titles. Every accepted request you get results in another ticket and vice versa. Of course, these requests are completely optional, and they’re only required when you hit the more advanced levels which require tickets. You can also get a bunch of them through old levels; simply replay some of them and try to get a better rating. You’re rewarded with a ticket each time you improve on your game, but only a few of them offer the ticket at the end of the run.

Why are tickets important?

As was mentioned above, tickets are used towards the later levels of the game. Since they are rare, they can also be bought at the store for a hefty price along with a bunch of other power-ups. These tickets are only used when opening new content, but it takes a while before the game starts hassling you about them and even then you can still keep playing the game. In fact, the whole layout of Candy Crush is very well made and the store items always vary in price. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that eventually you’d turn to these enhancements because the game is great that way.

Should you play CC?

This game has a lot to offer and it does so with no hiccups or imposing limitations. Among other Free to Play titles, Candy Crush is a gem because it offers hours of gameplay across many varied and well designed levels. At the same time, content is always updated so you won’t have to worry about running out of things to do in the game. Plus, you can always read our review of the game, we’re sure that will convince you, and if not – maybe you just don’t like fun games!

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