Candy Crush Problems

Candy Crush Saga has become another icon in the mobile gaming world. With thousands of players on a daily basis, it’s not unusual for you to hear somebody making combos or hearing the phrase “super!” while you’re somewhere. A great game as it is, there are some Candy Crush Problems that players sometimes encounter before or during a game. However, with any problem, there are always solutions that can be done to go back to enjoying Candy Crush Saga.

General Problems Encountered

For some players, there are various types of inconveniences that are faced at times when playing Candy Crush Saga. One of those issues is that Candy Crush keeps crashing when it is loaded. This of course happens mostly in mobile devices. As a general piece of information, a smart phone is very much like a computer in which programs run with RAM. The more programs are loaded, the more memory is eaten.

As such, when the computer can’t take any more load, certain applications crash. The same holds true for this game. If you have other apps that eat up a lot of memory running in the background, Candy Crush will crash. One solution to fix this issue is to restart the device or use a memory app that exits and running apps in the background.


The same solution can be used when you try to load the game from your home screen and it already crashes without even loading at all. In addition, if you notice that moves become slower or become choppy while you’re playing, it also means the same thing. Candy Crush cannot run properly if it does not have adequate amount of memory that can be used.

Connectivity Issues

Another set of problems that players face involves Candy Crush not connecting to Facebook as well as on the Internet. First of all, if you are having some issues connecting online, check your device first. You might not have a Wi-Fi signal, 3G or the Internet your wireless carrier has provided you with. If there are no issues with those, restart the app. Candy Crush automatically connects online as soon as an Internet connection is ready. For Facebook to connect to your device, make sure that you allow it when Candy Crush prompts you for the request. Otherwise, the game will not be linked to your account.

Some players play Candy Crush on their mobile devices and on their Facebook accounts as well. There are instances in which Candy Crush not syncing can be a problem. For example, you may have already moved on to another level and yet when you load the game on your device, you’re still stuck in the previous one. When this happens, just make sure that both mediums are linked so that your device may read from your Facebook account. When you encounter the message which says Candy Crush no access to kingdom, it just means that it could not connect to Facebook at that moment in time. You either wait for it to automatically connect or force it by restarting the app or tapping the Facebook icon every once in a while.

Other Problems with the Game

It is not uncommon for other types of issues to arise in Candy Crush Saga. Every once in a while you might encounter issues with sending help to friends by responding to their requests in the game. For instance, if someone asks you to send a life and you do it, the game might be having trouble processing the action and will inform you that the sending of life had failed. When this happens, that means you are experiencing connectivity issues with the Internet. One solution is to exit the game and reset your wireless settings, followed by loading the game again. When this works, you will be able to send lives and tickets to your friends.

Finally, certain versions of Candy Crush Saga might contain bugs especially if the version you have is not compatible with your device. Make sure that you update the game when there is an available one to be able to maximize enjoying it. Updates are free and are usually done automatically once you load the game.

11 thoughts on “Candy Crush Problems

  1. Mystery level 297 says I need 150000 to pass in 15 seconds. Everyone else says u need only 11000. Any idea how to fix?

  2. I was on level 161 and Candy Crush restarted me to 100!
    (For a long time I was not connected with Facebook, so when I did connect it, it restated me to where I was when I was connected with Facebook.)
    Is there any way to get my progress back?

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