Best Candy Crush Game Guide

Candy Crush Company To Enter Stock Market

Several games are released online and on app stores everyday. However, not all of them get huge attention from the public. Many of these games are played by some, while only a few games really become viral. Games like FarmVille, Angry Birds and Temple Run are three of the rare games that became very popular. Let’s not forget Candy Crush!

Candy Crush was first released as a Facebook game in April 2012. It was then made available for iOS devices in November and for Android in December of the same year. This highly addictive match 3 game is still standing on top and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down.

Candy Crush King on Stock Market is the developer behind the hit game Candy Crush Saga. It has sent its application to sell its shares to the public in the New York Stock Exchange. The company is not the first to go this way as Farmville’s Zynga and Angry Bird’s Rovio have already done this.

Because of the success and profit that Candy Crush brings at the moment, it could possibly be a smart move for investors to buy shares from However, the big question is if it will be able to sustain its earnings for investors to earn. earned $28.5 million in 2012 from Candy Crush and went up to $825 million the following year.

Sustaining Stability

Candy Crush Saga is not the only game that is making money. Even the other games that it has released, including the recent app, Farm Heroes Saga re doing well.While the stats are looking good, as mentioned, the concern is if it can sustain its upward trend. Will its fate be different from Zynga?

Zynga’s stocks are now offered half their original price when they first joined the stock market. Rovio on the other hand has not released a game that achieved the same success as Angry Birds in 2010. This is something that must be considered by investors before putting in their money.

More on Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a free to play game but it earns through in-app purchases. It has the charm to keep the players engaged and wanting to play more. It’s addicting, which is why a lot of people can’t help but spend real cash in order to keep playing.

There are hundreds of levels to play that are divided into worlds and episodes. The idea is to match three same colored candies to remove them from the board. This will earn you points that will help you move to the next level.

There are special candies that you can create by matching more than three candies. These special candies will remove more candies on the board. There are also boosters that are given to you upon reaching a certain level, which can help you survive in the game, especially in the harder levels.

When you run out of boosters, you can get them as in app purchase. You are only given five lives, which regenerates after about half an hour. If you run out of lives, you may ask your friends to send you one, wait for one to regenerate or spend your hard earned money for extra lives. is earning huge money from its games, especially Candy Crush. But do you think that it will be able to keep it up? Hermann/ / CC BY 2.0