Basic Tips

Allow us to make your Candy Crush Saga experience a little bit smoother. We’re going to offer you some essential tips on how to excel at Candy Crush.

We’re sure most of you diehard Candy Crush Saga players out there have played it to death by now. We’re going to have to count ourselves as a part of that ever-growing cult of casual/hardcore gamers.

After several more weeks of nabbing high scores and getting past some of the more intricate puzzles in the game, we came up with some general basic tips and cheats for Candy Crush Saga which is useful in all levels.

These tips and cheats will get everyone farther than most clueless players& get you closer to the top of the leaderboards

  1. Cop A Lollipop Hammer If Duty Calls
  2. Save Up Your Power Candies For Super Combos
  3. Use Two Color Bombs Together
  4. Pay Attention to The Tips The Game Gives You, But Don’t Abuse Them
  5. Get Licorice and Locked Candies Out of the Way ASAP
  6. Pay Attention to Those Striped Candies and Those Wrapped Candies
  7. Vertical Moves Will Knock Out Those Nuts and Fruits
  8. Move From Your Mobile Device, Play It On Your Computer and Save Lives
  9. Make Sure You Get All Three Stars
  10. Clear Those Time Bombs
  11. Don’t Waste Any of Your Turns
  12. Chocolate Squares Must Be Cleared Just As Fast As Any Other Obstacles
  13. Everything You Need to Know About Passing Timed Levels
  14. Note the Importance of Pink Bows
  15. Those Jelly Candies for The Jelly Levels Don’t Move
  16. Fish Candies Clear Out Jellies, So Save Them for Your Final Moves
  17. Make Sure You Take Advantage of All These Candy Combinations