Candy Crush Saga Facts

This mobile/PC puzzle game has amassed a massive following from casual/hardcore gamers everywhere. Some folks might not understand why everyone and their grandmother are on the train/bus playing Candy Crush Saga constantly. We’re here to make sure everyone is aware of this game and its well-deserved popularity.

Here’s the top facts you need to know about Candy Crush Saga.

  1. It Was Originally Released on Facebook
  2. It Works As A Match Three Puzzle Game
  3. Both The Facebook/Mobile Version Include A Specific Amount of Levels
  4. There’s a Basic Version and A Hacked Version
  5. It Brings In A Crazy Amount of Money Per Day
  6. King, the Creator of Game is Wildly Successful
  7. Its The Most Popular Facebook App
  8. It Even Inspired a Spoof Trailer for a Fake Film
  9. The Game Is So Popular, It Even Appeared in a Music Video

Candy Crush Saga