Candy Crush Saga 1919 Goal

The goal of Candy Crush level 1919 is to collect 1 Popcorn, 12 Chocolate and 28 Licorice Swirls within 30 moves.

Candy Crush Saga 1919 Video

Candy Crush Saga 1919 Tips

Clearing the Licorice Swirls and Chocolate isn’t that much of a problem, it’s the kernel that’s difficult to pop. That’s why you should mainly focus on making special candies you can use to hit the kernel. Take your time and don’t miss out on opportunities to make special candies. Consider holding on to special candies until you can combine them because of the combination’s enhanced effect.

With the way the level is designed you can’t do a lot to set up special candies. However, if you get the chance try to make a Wrapped candy adjacent to the kernel. The double explosion will make quick work of it. The second way you’ll hit the kernel is with Striped + Wrapped candy combinations.

To make it easier to make special candies you should first clear the Licorice Swirls as quickly as you can. Clearing them will increase the space in which you can make special candies.

Keep the amount of Chocolate to a minimum. The more you prevent it from spreading the easier it’ll be to make special candies.

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