Candy Crush Saga 2038 Goal

The goal of Candy Crush level 2038 is to remove 62 Jellies within 16 moves.

Candy Crush Saga 2038 Video

Candy Crush Saga 2038 Tips

Your first task is to destroy the Cake Bomb. Destroying the Cake Bomb will do two things.

Firstly it will clear all the Licorice Swirls from the playing field, making it much easier to match candies on top of Jellies.

Secondly it will increase the space in which you can match candies at the bottom of the playing field, making it easier to make special candies.

Throughout the level keep the amount of Chocolate to a minimum. The more you prevent the Chocolate from spreading, the easier the level will become. The Jellies adjacent to the Chocolate spawners can be difficult to clear because Chocolate will keep covering them. Keep this in mind and clear the Jellies adjacent to the Chocolate Spawners when given the chance.

Once you’ve cleared the Jellies on the bottom half there is no reason to match candies there any longer because candies don’t move from the upper half to the bottom half of the playing field, which means chain reactions wont take place. On top of that, you’d only be clearing Licorice Swirls and Chocolate.

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